My beauty regiment right now, I've been researching and trying different products and these are what work, no fuss, no hassle.

1.La Roche- Posay Mela D Pigment Control Serum - I have Indian skin which can be very uneven in tone and mine is extra so. This was recommended by an Indian dermatologist and I've been using it for about a month and I can visibly see that my skin tone is more even and consistent. It's a no hassle serum that I apply to dark areas of my skin after I wash my face before going to sleep.

2. Astral Cream - this has been recommended by several people and it's been compared to (much more expensive) La Mer Cream and I am hooked. I've been using it for about a month and though it can seem a little oily (I wouldn't recommend it for anyone with a lot of acne) it has actually reduced the amount of acne I get. One day last year, I suddenly woke up with pimples on my face for the first time in about 15 years! I've tried everything but realized that I needed an intense moisturizer. This one does the trick.

3. Nuance Flawless Finish Liquid Foundation - I have tried sooooo many high end/ low end/ middle end foundations and nothing has come close to this yet. Whatever it is, my skin loves it. The consistency is great, the color is so perfect, the ingredients are gentle and loving to my skin. For everyday I use her tinted moisturizer. Her hair products are also A+ way to go Salma Hayek :)

4. Make Up Forever Concealer - My beautiful sister in law (to be) not only recommended this but scooped one up for me with I was visiting her in Vancouver - being Indian we both suffer from dark under eye circles which unfortunately are hereditary thus pretty much incurable. No matter how much water I drink, what eye creams I use or how much sleep I get, they are still there. This is hands down the best concealer I've found to cover them up. Really works and the color is amazing.

5. Estee Lauder Automatic Brow Pencil Duo - I don't know about you but I over plucked as a teenager, leaving me with horrible skinny brows. This brow pencil is the best for one amazing reason - it is easy to apply and is the most natural looking I have found. Most pencils that come in black are dark but their "Soft Black" pencil is so subtle but does the job and you can buy refills instead of new pencils which I love.

6. & Other Stories Dramatic Mascara in Black - Lately I've been skipping my usual liquid liner cat eye look and replacing it with super 60s clumpy mascara and this one by really cool H&M owned brand & Other Stories is amazing! It makes your lashes look SO plump and fake without all the discussing caked on mess.